Customer can register free by providing basic details. They can feed in their enquiry with few mandatory details to enable the system to compute and send your enquiry to multiple tourist operator to get the best rate.

Users shall register with RomiTours by providing the basic details as required in the website

User can make enquiries and wait for the reply. In case the user decides to cancel the enquiry, he is free to cancel the enquiry

Select Tourist operator information will be sent to the user. The user shall confirm by accepting the request from RomiTours

Cancellation can be done without any charges till payment is made for the trip.

Payment shall be made on acceptance of the trip after checking the cost of the trip

Romitours is not responsible for their belongings during their travel

Customer shall register a complaint for any discrepancy found during the travel

Necessary action will be taken as per the norms after due verification of the incident.

No credit facility shall be accepted at any point in time.

Advances or part amount paid in cash to the Driver during travel may be invoiced. In case of any unavoidable circumstances, the user shall demand an SMS/ eMail confirmation with Reference ID. Customer shall produce the Reference ID for accounting purpose. No claim will be entertained without Reference iD

During Start trip, an OTP will be sent to the customer mobile number for verification along with the Stariing mileage. Customer shall physically verify the mileage from the dashboard and confirm the figure sent through SMS. OTP shall be shared only when the customer is satisfied with the correctness of the figure between the SMS and Dashboard.

An OTP will be sent to the customer along with the Ending Kilometer reading through SMS. The customer shall verify the dashboard for the correctness in the kilometer reading

Customer assumes full liablity once the OTP is shared to the driver in terms of mileasge informaiton during START and END of the ride. Fare calculation is only based on the kilometer reading during START and END ride